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It is the Summer of Meals Interrupted by Showers*

Leah Tacha, Ashley Garrett, and Jen Wroblewski

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It is the summer of meals interrupted by showers* offers evidence of potentials for safety an in a neo-pastoral post-urban setting where our fecund expressions of human-ness, our survival, and our urges toward euphoric joy can flourish unencumbered by virus and the scourge of (dis)information. In this pastoral new order, there is only survival and communion with nature and self. The ecstasy of safety and the sanctity of the haptic. 

Ashley Garrett's oil paintings and pastel drawings (re)imagine realms through which human wildness and imagination can exist and thrive. They offer locations for swirling, unbridled humanity to reconnect with itself after a period of restriction and collapse. These nature-becoming-abstract spaces may or may not be safe; they introduce our turmoiled inner worlds with the outer experience of where we locate ourselves now. 

Leah Tacha's objects and images allude to the inherent struggles of embodiment. The historical presence of ceramics in the domestic space and the connection of the vessel to motherhood enervate her work.

Jen Wroblewski's found poems have been screen-grabbed from our most reputable news sources, offering font as image and identifier. By re-arranging the worlds of our cultural record, freedom of the mind becomes attainable. 

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