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Patricia Satterlee

Enough PIE for Everyone!

March 13 - April 18 2021

Garden Reception March 20 4-6 PM

The gallery is thrilled to announce our upcoming exhibition: Patricia Satterlee, Enough PIE for Everyone! This is Satterlee’s second solo exhibition in the gallery. 


Enough PIE for Everyone! consists of a group of 31 small square paintings offering variations on a single compelling idea about abundance.


Satterlee works in series, using repeated forms and a carefully chosen palette to create a larger narrative. For this body of work, she has drawn a bisected circular form over cotton rags stretched onto 10 and 12 inch square panels. She then reworks the images with washes of thinned Flashe. 


Signaling dessert, wheels, pie charts, basketballs, and a plethora of other cheerful round things, these paintings have a genuinely joyful presence.  Satterlee is a master of thoughtful formal investigation. For PIE, as with her previous bodies of work, every painting decision is deliberate; and the resulting play across the surfaces and around the room is the result of her careful thinking.


These paintings are new, made directly in response to the current social and political climate — pandemic + racial injustice + poverty + dishonest politics. To the extent that the work is political, plentitude and scarcity are political decisions. There is always enough for everyone;  with different leadership, perhaps we could muster the will to provide for all. (Maybe mothers are the answer.)


Enough PIE for Everyone! is a different kind of balm for this time; a visual manifestation of what could be: enough for everyone. Something for everyone. 


Patricia Satterlee lives and works in Long Island City NY. She has shown at Frosch & Portmann, The Kitchen, Valentine Gallery, M55 Gallery, and Norte Maar in New York; Muhlenberg College in Allentown, PA; the Museum of Contemporary Art and the Washington Project for the Arts (WPA) in Washington, DC. Her work has been included in national and international exhibitions and has been reviewed in the New York Times, Washington Post, Hyperallergic, and other online publications. She did undergraduate work at Carnegie-Mellon University and the University of California, Santa Cruz and received her MFA from American University.

Checklist here.

Review by Thomas Micchelli in Hyperallergic here

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