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  Melissa Capasso, Second Sight

September 7 - October 8, 2019

Melissa Capasso Second Sight oil on line

The gallery is thrilled to open our fall season with a solo show of new paintings by Melissa Capasso.


Capasso is a Brooklyn-based painter whose work engages directly and fearlessly with American painting since 1950. In her juicy, visceral works she responds to and rejoins the greats: from de Kooning to Guston to Mitchell. Felt brush strokes and a thoughtful, exuberant palette meet evocative forms and unexpected anatomies.


These paintings are super new, and super concentrated.


Capasso earned her MFA from Brooklyn College in 2016. Since then she has been included in dozens of prominent group shows including at the Painting Center, Trestle Gallery, and David and Schweitzer. She teaches painting at Suffolk County Community College and has also taught at Rutgers Newark. Residencies and honors include the Elizabeth Murray Artist Residency, a fellowship at the Vermont Studio Center, and the Edward F. Albee Foundation Visual Arts Fellowship.


Image above is "Second Sight," 2019. Oil on linen. 12 x 9 inches.

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