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Jenny Kemp

Spin, Span, Spun

June 22 - September 26 2020

Jenny Kemp_Above Water_2020_40x32_acryli

"The works in Spin, Span, Spun consider the concept of a continuum and the different forms this can take. Movements such as loops, waves, and other growth patterns become reflections on rotations in time. I’m interested in bodily, earthly, and mechanical cycles of time-keeping and search for inventive ways to present them as framed experiences while weaving in varied references such as cartoons, music, vintage aesthetics, biology, and histories of abstraction. 

Working in animation reveals my process within real time as I search for ways to create a sense of continuation within a single loop. Within painting, it is more of a slow reveal, showing time through subtle steps of color gradation and scale within adjacent forms. A loop also implies symmetry and balance which I believe to be meditation on rules of beauty and order." -Jenny Kemp

Image is "Above Water," 2020. Acrylic on linen panel. 40 x 32 inches. 

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