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Gasoline Rainbow

Stories about America

Gasoline Rainbow brings together the work of five contemporary artists from outside of our NYC metro “bubble.” These artists address their sense of place through drawing, sculpture, painting, and photography. Together, the work offers a sense of the plurality of American life. None of the artists shy away from politics, but each one’s work is about something more personal than our collective American pride or shame.

The timing of this exhibition is deliberate; a reminder as we head into the midterm vote that our country the setting for millions of simultaneous compelling stories. 

The exhibition takes its title from the 1993 Built to Spill song “Nowhere Nothing Fuck Up,” the refrain of which is “In America / every puddle / gasoline rainbow.”

Artists are:


Ginger Sisco Cook, Texas

Rashaun Rucker, Detroit

Jacob Brooks, NY by way of Kansas

Melissa Vandenberg, Kentucky by way of Detroit

Tylonn Sawyer, Detroit

Opens Saturday October 6, 2018

*profits from this exhibition will be donated to, an organization providing free legal services to refugees at the southern border. 

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