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Jason Smith


June 29 - August 10 2024 

reception Saturday June 29 

5-7 PM


The gallery is very excited to announce our upcoming exhibition: Jason Smith, Trees

Jason Smith works in the New York City landscape as both a painter and caretaker of public spaces. He spends a good deal of time in Inwood in Northern Manhattan with plants and soil, wading in the Harlem River, and picking up litter. He loves to work collaboratively on urban ecosystem research and stewardship. Recent writing on forest restoration, urban soils, and shoreline social dynamics can be found in the journals such as Cities and the Environment, and Urban Ecosystems.

Jason received an MFA from SUNY Buffalo and an MS in Environmental Science from Brooklyn College. He taught studio art at SUNY Buffalo and Canisius College prior to moving to the New York Restoration Project where he is the Director of Northern Manhattan Parks.

In his public projects Jason focuses on conservation, equity, and adapting cities to climate change. His paintings tend to be more personal and idiosyncratic. His landscapes are all painted on site from observation and juxtapose the constructed environment with unruly natural forms; landscapes that are disturbed, but not subdued.

Image is Cemetery Birches, Oil on canvas. 15 x 15 inches. 

A checklist for the exhibition is available here

Gold Montclair 594 Valley Road, Courtyard

 Montclair NJ 07043

917 755 9328

Thursday 12-5

Friday 10-5

Saturday 12-5

and Sunday and Wednesday by appointment

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