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Meeting at Night
January 7 - February 18, 2023

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A group exhibition of paintings. Artists are Jenna Ransom, Ellen Siebers, Sarah Alice Moran, Michael McGrath, Nancy Friedland, Melanie Parke, and Ian Felice.


The gray sea and the long black land; 
And the yellow half-moon large and low: 
And the startled little waves that leap 
In fiery ringlets from their sleep, 
As I gain the cove with pushing prow,
And quench its speed i’ the slushy sand. 

Then a mile of warm sea-scented beach; 
Three fields to cross till a farm appears; 
A tap at the pane, the quick sharp scratch 
And blue spurt of a lighted match,
And a voice less loud, through joys and fears, 
Than the two hearts beating each to each!

-- Robert Browning, Meeting at Night

Image is Ellen Siebers, "Spring Garden (into my arms Nick Cave)," 2021. Oil on beveled birch panel. 8 x 8 inches. 

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